About Us

We are constantly striving to meets our customer’s demands and specifications. We take great care to provide quality and durable products at the most affordable prices available online.We, at Cotoor make it a point to make shopping an enjoyable and safe experience for our customers. Our customer’s satisfaction tops our priority list and you can be rest assured that it will never be comprised.


We make sure that the bags we’re looking for meet the highest manufacturing standards in durability, functionality and construction. There will be no cutting of corners or compromising of any sort. We’re not selling you a bag we wouldn’t buy ourselves.


In backpack, as in all things, the difference between ‘meh’ and ‘wow’ is whether or not it was made with love. We have combed through countless bags and brands searching for the ones that demonstrate a desire to be that trusted friend for wherever your day takes you.


We look for fashion backpacks with tons of personality and ones that make a statement full of character and flair. Our collection is big on diversity: Traditional everyday drivers, sophisticated travel-oriented daypacks, innovative messenger bags and tech-savvy designer bags to name a few.